Service Info

  • Founded2018
  • Free trial-
  • Request system-
  • Unlimited requestsYes on higher plan
  • Pricing$549
  • Annual Plan$494

Description & Reviews

Video Husky is the first and most popular monthly video editing service for an flat fixed rate. In their most popular Eskimo plan for $749 / mo you will have unlimited video editing service requests with unlimited revisions. Their offer is directed to small businesses, Content Creators and Agencies. We can send them up to 30GB of footage which will turn into our vision (Their clients have 200GB free cloud storage). On average, one task takes about 5 days and the first draft will get up to 2 business days.

Video Husky - Unlimited Video editing service is the best offer for companies that need even 12 videos out per month, which start their career on YouTube and want to take care of creating videos and not editing them - saved time they can spend on producing new videos or marketing.


  • 1 or 2 Day Turnaround
  • 200 GB Cloud Storage
  • Dedicated Editor
  • Free Stock Footage
  • Video Proofing
  • YouTube / Vimeo Upload


Video Husky can edit for you: Vlogs, Interviews, Music Videos, Talking Heads, Tutorials, Online Courses,Review Videos,Travel Videos,Drone Videos,Real Estate

Video Husky won't: record voiceovers, editing animations, editing wedding videos and videos with a final length longer than 30 minutes.

The turnaround for your videos of course depends on certain factors – mainly the complexity of the project.Some of Video Husky clients get 12 videos out per month – which works out at just $34.38 per video. If your videos are particularly complex or need a lot of editing, this will affect how many videos thei can produce for you.Once your editor gets a feel for your style and what you look for in your videos, the amount you can produce each month will quickly increase.

Yes, you can save 10% OFF ($100) for a quarterly payment: 10% OFF


Pom Plan

$549 / mo
  • Limited Revisions
  • Max rendered video running time: 10 Minutes
  • Max raw footage running time: 30 minutes
  • Max raw footage provided: 20 GB

Eskimo plan

$749 / mo
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Max rendered video running time: 20 minutes
  • Max raw footage running time: 60 minutes
  • Max raw footage provided: 40 GB

Add Ons

  • Custom thumbnails $109/mo
  • Spell-checked subtitles $109/mo
  • Royalty Free Libraries $47/mo
  • Premium music from Epidemic Sound $19/mo

10% OFF for quarterly payment