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  • Founded2016
  • Free trial-
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  • Unlimited requests-
  • Pricing$100 / $299 / more
  • Annual Plan-

Description & Reviews

Expert Social Media and Lead Generation


  • Your own dedicated Social Media Manager
  • All Social Media Posts hand-created specifically for your business


Social Media Posts Plan

$100 / mo
  • Tick creating social media posts off your to-do list
  • Includes *two Social Media platforms
  • Three posts per week published to your two selected platforms
  • Fill your Social Media Pages with expert content created specifically for your business

LinkedIn: B2B Lead Generation

$299 / mo
  • Reach 1,000 prospects every month, generate hot leads and grow your business
  • Three posts per week published to your LinkedIn Profile
  • 1,000 of your ideal clients contacted every month via your LinkedIn Profile
  • Receive regular messages from hot prospects wanting to work with you
  • An end-to-end lead generation system

Facebook: Supercharged Ads

$270 / mo
  • Build a vibrant community around your business on Facebook and sell more
  • Three posts per week published to your Facebook Page
  • Rapidly build your brand on Facebook with a targeted ads campaign
  • Price includes £70/mo Facebook Ads budget